First Carbon Neutrality case in Taiwan MICE Industry

In order to promote green MICE and help Taiwanese businesses become better aligned with international trends in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, "MEET TAIWAN" this year offered assistance to "Medicare Taiwan" (show dates: June 16 to 19) in terms of carbon footprint verification, and the show achieved carbon neutrality afterwards, becoming the first carbon neutrality example in Taiwan MICE industry. The calculated amount of the total carbon emissions during of the exhibition reached approximately 1,103 metric tons of CO2-e. For this initiative, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, LTD. (hereinafter CPT) was selected as a partner for donating 1,103 tons of carbon credits, thereby achieving carbon neutrality, which established a fine example of collaboration between governments and enterprises for carbon reduction.

What is carbon neutrality?

Stages Of Carbon Neutrality Implementation


Carbon neutrality refers to the calculation carbon emission volumes based on the "carbon footprints" generated by organizations, products, services or MICE events, and conduct carbon reduction. The amount of carbon reduction acquired (carbon credit) will then be used to offset unavoidable emissions (leftover carbon), thereby there will be no net increases of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The EPA is currently allowing organizations, products, services or events which have completed the calculation of carbon footprints to adopt the approach of "using offset credits in the first year", which means directly purchase qualified carbon credits to offset the calculating carbon footprints in order to achieve carbon neutrality. Subsequent plans for carbon footprint management shall be formulated for progressive reduction.

TAITRA teams up with CPT to achieve first carbon neutral exhibition in Taiwan

Prior to the beginning of "Medicare Taiwan 2016," organizers calculated the amount of carbon emissions through guidance lessons, forms and documents processing, questionnaires and on-site inspection in hopes of achieving carbon neutrality by adopting the approach of "using offset credits in the first year." Through the referral of a professional consulting firm, partnership was formed with CPT, an enterprise that has been actively involved in the promotion of EPA’s pilot projects. Since both sides fully agreed upon the importance of promoting carbon neutrality, CPT therefore provided 1,103 metric tons of CO2-e to offset all the carbon emissions generated at Medicare Taiwan in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

2016 Medicare Taiwan is the first exhibition in Taiwan to achieve carbon neutrality.

Since its foundation in 1971, CPT, our partner for this initiative, has been profoundly and continuously engaged in the research, development, mass production and constant innovation of video products while adhering to the company‘s management philosophy of "Creation, Perfection, Teamwork." CPT is also committed to the management of energy conservation and carbon reduction, and has completed organizational verification of greenhouse gases in accordance with the ISO 14064-1 standard every year, adopting the ISO 50001 energy management system and taking part in global carbon disclosure projects. In collaboration with TAITRA, CPT has committed to the donation of carbon credits in response to the initiative for achieving carbon neutrality. These efforts have not only helped to achieve the first carbon neutral exhibition in Taiwan, but moreover serve as a fine example of promoting carbon neutrality and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities going forward.