2014 Case Studies of Carbon Footprint and GHG Inventories for Taiwanese MICE Service Providers

Under Green MICE project, the Taiwanese government continued to offer assistance for ISO 14064-based GHG inventories at MICE venues in 2014, and also encouraged MICE operators to adopt PAS 2050 for carbon footprint calculations.

The Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) emitted 3,547 metric tons of CO2 in 2014, a 12% decrease (557 metric tons of CO2) compared to 2010, based on an ISO 14064-based GHG inventory report. Apparently, TICC‘s integrated energy conservation approach, characterized by investments in energy efficiency equipment and fervent implementation of an energy management policy, has refelcted impressive results after its inception three years ago.

The carbon footprint report suggests that the TPCA Show emitted 717 metric tons of CO2 (or 539kg per booth) in 2014, growing slightly by 32 metric tons in total, or falling by 74kg per booth from 2010 despite its growing number of visitors and booths. The 2014 data signaled the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association, the event organizer of the TPCA Show, has substantially cut carbon footprint by rewarding green practices in creative ways, such as a drawing activity to encourage visitors taking public transit system and charity-driven activity to inspire badge recycle.