Carbon Footprint Inventory Report of TiGiS 2011


Subject of inventory

The subject of this emissions inventory is the 3rd edition of Taiwan International Green Industry Show (“TiGiS”), co-organized by TAITRA and K&A International Co. from October 26 through 29, 2011 at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition Hall 1. TiGiS 2011 covered three categories of the green industry (i.e., energy, environmental protection and water technologies) and counted well-established companies (Giant Lion Know-How Co., Chung-Hsin Electric and Machinery Manufacturing Co., Taiwan Power Company, Formosa Heavy Industries Co., TECO Electric and Machinery Co. and China Steel Co., etc.), government agencies (Council of Agriculture, Water Resources Agency and Maritime and Ports Bureau, etc.) and foreign companies amongst its exhibitors.

Exhibitors at TiGiS 2011 were grouped into the following four categories:

  • Providers of renewable and non-renewable energies, electric vehicles, energy efficiency solutions/services and energy label-bearing products;
  • Providers of resource recycling systems, pollution prevention equipment/materials, green buildings, waste reduction solutions, green supply chain-related services and green mark products;
  • Providers of water resources management services, sewage treatment & recycling facilities/services, water instrumentation and equipment, hydraulic engineering solutions, water supply services and water products;
  • Government agencies’ green programs and college-initiated environmental engineering R&D efforts.

As part of a 3-in-1 trade show, TiGiS 2011 took place in Exhibition Areas B and C on Level 1, TWTC, in conjunction with the Smart City Expo and GREEN LIVING EXPO. The 258 TiGiS booths accounted for 37.7% of the total number of booths (683) in exhibition areas B and C.


Procedure for the inventory

The basic procedure and scope of TiGiS 2011’s carbon footprint inventory were determined in accordance with PAS 2050 and Japan’s “CO2 Emissions Survey Based on Eco-products International Fair 2008” or エコプロダクツ2008におけるCO2 排出量測定調査. Figure 1 shows the components of the TiGiS 2011 inventory, including their corresponding activities and lifecycles.

System boundaries and scope of inventory

With regard to the emissions inventory’s system boundaries, TiGiS 2011 was divided into three stages: pre-exhibition preparation, mid-exhibition and post-exhibition waste removal, as indicated in Figure 2. While the pre-exhibition stage inventory was focused on how the organizer prepared printed materials, the mid-exhibition inventory was mainly involved in on-venue site water/power consumption, wastewater discharges, promotional materials, exhibit items, decorations for the booths, and transportation information (for exhibitors, international buyers and visitors). In the post-exhibition stage, the transportation and handling of waste decoration materials were factored into the inventory. TiGiS 2011 is defined as a B2C event, according to PAS 2050.


Figure 2 : The System Boundaries of Emissions

Inventory for TiGiS 2011

  • Data collection period and scope: The amount of energy, resources, materials and transportation required for TiGiS 2011 during its exhibition days (October 26-29) were tabulated. As for the pre-exhibition (October 24-25) and (October 30) post-exhibition periods, the computation was based on consumption of electricity for lighting.
  • Geographical scope of inventory: TiGiS 2011 took place on Level 1 of TWTC (Exhibition Areas B and C)
  • Functional unit: TiGiS 2011 (Covering pre-show, show days and post-show stages from October 24–30)